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ADEC-Advanced Digitally Encrypted Cheque

  • Electronic scanning of cheque image (front and back)
  • Electronic reading of cheque data on MICR Line (Bank, Branch, Account Number, Cheque Number, Checksum Digits)
  • Verification of authenticity (through MICR Line and 2D bar code (where applicable)
  • Data transfer to bank core banking system
  • Creation of electronic compensation file (CEL_ENV)
  • Creation of electronic compensation file (CEL_REC)
  • Reports and statistcs
  • High quality and speed cheque reader, high resolution images

Technical Specifications                                                                               

  • Cheque reader NCR TS 230 (multi-cheques)
  • Speed of up to 65 cheques p/minute
  • USB 2 connection to workstation
  • Capture of front and back cheque at 300 dpi
  • InkJet Certification
  • Microsoft SQL database (local or central)
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 e XP
  • Automatic image compression up to 10kb per image
  • Integration with core banking systems