Government Solution


“Whether you are in a refugee camp, a remote border post, a far away village in the desert or in the jungle…Whether it is an ID, a certificate or voting registration, FABIS is self-sufficient to solve your problem”.


“It used to take two weeks for the application forms and their supporting documents to arrive from the province to the central site. After RABIS implementation it is a matter of minutes before the forms and the supporting documents are presented inform of us here in the central site, no matter what province they are captured at. What a difference”” - Eng. L Cazanga, MinJus, Angola.


“Security and the protection of an individual’s identity belong to the fundamental needs of today’s society”.


“One can never say enough about the need to guarantee the highest degree of security for Visa documents and Visa Issuing systems.”


“BMIL strongly recognises that a technique which may be necessary to protect one State's border may be superfluous or of minor importance to another State… However CAVIS would meet everyone’s needs for full border control”.