Security Print

Based in Mozambique, and located in the heart of Maputo, the highly sophisticated security print factory has a 24 hours production line that specializes primarily in security print. Recently certified by the MCSA (MICR Cheque South Africa), Brithol Michcoma Security Print is the only Print House outside South Africa that has a full CMSA membership.

Established in 2000, it soon positioned itself as the supplier of security print in both Mozambique and Angola. It has 100% market share in Angola. The supply capacity of high secure and superior quality cheques has widened to include Tanzania, Zambia and Cape Verde.

Brithol Michcoma Security Print has supplied Angola´s Immigration Authorities with over a million ISO, ICAO compliant Visas. We have also been the suppliers for the Driver´s license and car ownership ID for the Ministry of Home Affairs in Angola.

In Mozambique the company has supplied the immigration authority for several years with millions of travel documents including passports, certificates, visas and various other security documents.

The company has recently been visited by The Zambian Banking Association, together with representative from the Zambia Central Bank, to certify Brithol Michcoma Security Print as a trusted supplier of Cheques to Zambia.

Brithol Michcoma Security Print is undergoing stong expansion with the soon-to-open new state-of-the-art installation in Maputo. The new facility will be bolstered with the latest in Security Print Hardware, Software and Technology. This is to meet the ever-increasing demand for new and unique services and products. The construction of a similar facility in Angola is also part of our three year expansion plan.